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Serial RS232 Interface to USB HID Keyboard Converter

US $22.00
0.20 KGS

Product Description

You may use this converter to convert output of serial devices such as RFID readers, Barcode readers, scales, game controllers, etc. to keyboard strokes. The converter cable works with both PC and MAC and identifies itself as an additional HID(Human Interface Device)keyboard and requires no driver installation. The converter cable draws power from USB port and requires no external power supply. Power on pin9 of RS232 is available as an option.

Serial Comms Port: * Baud Rate -9600 Baud
* Parity - None
* Data Bits - 8
* Stop Bits - 1
* Handshake - No
  • Unidirectional, RS232 (input) to USB type-A (output)

  • Data is presented to the USB port as HID compatible keystrokes

  • Ideal for connecting Serial RS232 Barcode Readers, Laser Scanners or Weigh Scales to a USB Type-A connector

- Converts RS232 serial to USB keyboard.
- Available in English, German and French keyboard emulations.
- Eliminates the need to install any device driver or keyboard redirector software. Simply plug it in and any serial input will become a keyboard input
- Draws power from USB port. No external power source required.
- Extended Keyboard controls allows the serial device to control PC functions by sending upper ASCII characters into the serial end of the cable.
- Connects any serial device to any operating system as a Keyboard. It works on Windows and MAC OS, Linux and Android.
- Converts RS232 port output characters of Scales, Barcode readers, RFID readers, Payment Terminal and etc. to keyboard strokes.

Product Reviews

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  1. how to get arrows, backspace, delete and home, end, page up, down keys to work?

    Posted by Unknown on 21st Apr 2018

    Can only get A-z working well. how to get arrows, backspace, delete and home, end, page up, down keys to work?

  2. Does what it is supposed to do

    Posted by Paul on 27th Sep 2017

    Ordered 1 for a quick test, works out of the box (sac) . Really plug and play!

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