DL6 microwave sensor user's Guide

DL6 microwave sensor user's Guide

1. Wiring definition:

Brown, green Power supply
White Relay(COM)
Yellow Relay(NO)

2. Function settings

he detection area determined by the sensitivity knob

he area determined by the lateral deflection angle of the antenna (left / right deviation angle)

The detection area determined by the longitudinal inclination angle of the antenna

3. Installation Tips

The sensor should be fixed tightly to prevent vibration.

The sensor cannot be placed behind the panel or other materials directly.

No moving or sloshing objects placed in the detection area.

No fluorescence source in the detection area.

Do not touch the electronic components of the sensor directly.

4. Troubleshooting

Fault performance Possible causes Take steps
The door can't turn on and the red indicator doesn't turn on. The sensor is in a non operating state Check wiring and power supply
Open/Close the door ceaselessly 1.sensor sensing the movement of the door. Increase antenna mounting angle, or / and reduce sensitivity.
2. The door vibrates when it closes. Make sure the sensor is fixed properly,Reduce sensitivity.
The door can't be turned off, the red indicator doesn't turn on. 1.bad switch or wrong position. Check and make sure that the gate switch is in open or automatic state.
2.the sensor output configuration is not correct. Check the output settings of each sensor.

5. Technical parameters:

Technical principle: microwave / microwave processor

Emission frequency: 24.1-25GHz

Transmit power: <20dBm EIRP

Emission frequency density: <5mW/㎡

Maximum mounting height: 3M

Inclination: vertical 0°- 90°, horizontal一30°-+30°

Detection range (mounting height2.2m): 4m (W) * 2m (D)

Detection mode: Motion

Minimum detection speed: 5 cm/s (along the longitudinal axis of the sensor)

Power supply voltage: 12V – 24V AC/DC+30%-10%

Power frequency: 50-60Hz

Power consumption: <2W (VA)

Relay output (without initial potential)

Maximum contact voltage: 42V A -60V DC

Maximum contact current: 1A (resistance)

Maximum switching power: 30W (DC) /60VA (AC)

Hold time: 0.5S

Temperature range: -20°c-+55°c

Protection level: IP52

Shell material: ABS plastic

Shell color: black, silver grey

Size: 120*80*50MM

Own weight: 210G

Conductor length: 2.5M

20th Dec 2023

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