How to use Wiegand USB converter


1> This module has two function conversion functions as follows: The functions are named A/B.

  • A>One-way conversion: Wiegand input is converted to USB analog keyboard (KEYBOARD) output.

No need to install the driver, using HID-USB technology, plug and play. Use like a keyboard to display the tag ID in any input field

  • B>Two-way conversion: Wiegand input—USB virtual serial port (COM) output or USB virtual serial port (COM) input and converted into Wiegand output.

Need to install the driver and use the serial port tool to receive and send data.

2> Wiegand (Wiegand) input digits can reach 66(Wiegand66). Support Wiegand digits for 1-66byte input.

3>Wiegand input speed is fast. Each bit low time can be collected as low as 30us.

4>USB output speed is fast and stable, the module can output 5V voltage by the USB interface.

5> This module provides a variety of firmware. Support to upgrade the firmware to meet various output type.

Wiring diagram:

How to change the output Format:

The steps are as follows:

1> Open “SV00xISP_AppDemo“ software

Chip type: SV001 interface: USB

ISP file: select the fireware you need (note that the path cannot have spaces when loading)

Other settings default

2> Short the prom_Boot on the module(See below), then Plug the device into the computer, and do not short it again after power on.

The software will display the device list (Devlist)information

3> Click “download” Success or failure system will prompt.

4> After the program is burned, the module can be powered on again to run the program just upgrade.

Note: when WG - USB module is used for B Function and virtual UART com serial port, install the driver of serial port first of all.

Firmware download address:

KeyBoard: HID-USB No drive, only output

UartCom:Virtual serial port needs to install serial port to USB driver

DEC:10 Decimal

PRE0_REMOVE Remove front 0

PRE0_RETAIL:retain 0

_ENTER:End of output + ENTER

__WGXX:add prefix. such as:wg26

CHAR_DISP:character string display

6th Mar 2024

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