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Rs232 Serial Wiegand Converter wiegand to serial converter serial to wiegand converter

US $24.00
0.10 KGS
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Product Description

Rs232 Serial port go to Wiegand26 Converter WG26 go to Rs232 Automatic bidirectional conversion

Converter support Wiegand signal and RS232 Bidirectional conversion, in which the same equipment can realize the Wigan go to RS232 and RS232 go to Wiegand.The conversion process of automatic identification through the signal transmission direction, there is no need to plug the interface or other settings. Support standard converter WG26/WG34 signal, Optional 16hex and ASII format.

Converter with high anti-interference MCU Processing chip, built-in watchdog circuit, automatic test equipment work state, work automatically when reset, ensure conversionIs never crashes. The whole machine is made of SMT(surface mount) production process, improve the stability of long-term work. Through the practical application of converter can be long-term 7*24 hour Working without maintenance.

Converter interface parameters:
baud rate :9600
Test bit :N
Data bits :8
Stop bit :1

Wigan interface
Support for WG26,WG34.

For converting serial output to the output wg26/34.IC/ID Card reader, computer serial,RFID Card reader, code scanning gun, bar code scanning gun,fingerprint And so on,
item support WG26/34 Access controller.


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