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TTL-USB Converter

US $5.00
0.10 KGS

Product Description

1, using CP2102 chip, the performance is excellent

2, large board design, full-featured interface. Full-featured interface with RXD TXD RST 3.3V 5V DTR DCD RI RTS CTS. Some brush boards can't be brushed, but also because the interface is not complete, or the voltage is wrong. Full-featured interface for more flexible use.

3, with 500mA self-recovery fuse design, to prevent users from power failure to burn the computer USB, this must have. Getting a board to burn off the computer motherboard is worth the loss.

4, with a power indicator.

5, in-line computer USB interface design, you can not use computer adapter cable or extension cable.

6, using the DuPont line, you can directly link the customer's target board. Convenient and flexible.

7, transmission speed 115200bps easily competent

8, borrow computer USB power supply, output 3.3V and 5V power supply, can be directly provided to the user target board.

9, need to pay attention: RXD TXD some equipment marked not standard, if the direct connection does not work, please cross-connect.


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