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MF3 IC D41 4K High Capacity Universal NFC Keyfob Tag MF DES EV1 Forum Type 4 ISO14443

US $18.00
0.10 KGS

Product Description

RF Interface: ISO 14443 Type A
non-contact data transmission, and requires no power supply.
Operating distance: ≤100 mm
Operating Frequency: 13.56 MHZ
Fast data transfer: 106 kbit / s, 212 kbit / s, 424 kbit / s
true anti-collision
7 byte card unique serial number
using ISO 14443-4 transport protocol
Non-volatile memory (NV-Memory)
capacity of 4k bytes
Write Time: 2 ms (1ms erased, 1ms write)
data can be stored for 10 years
can write 100,000 times cycle
flexible file system
on a single card can have 28 applications
In each application can create 16 files
Each card has a unique serial number card
PASS mutual authentication
RF channel on DES / 3DES data encryption, so replay attack protection.
4 bytes of MAC data authentication
application-level password authentication
Additional information:
Between the card and the reader three security levels of data transmission:
1) expressly transmission
2) expressly transmission + DES / 3DES encryption checksum (MAC)
3) DES / 3DES encrypted data transmission
Note: If the key before 8 bytes of 8 bytes and after the same, compared with DES encryption. On the contrary, compared with 3DES encryption.
Each card has a master key card used to guarantee the safety level.
Each card can be built 28 applications, each application can have up to 14 different user-defined keys that can be assigned to the application the following files to control access to the data. A key may be more commonly used files.
Below each application can create up to 16 different sizes and types of files, each file can be defined for different levels of access to the type of file has five kinds of the following:
l standard data file
l backup data file
l manipulate files with the backup value
l linear tape backup log files
l tape backup cycle record file

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