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Industrial 8m 360 Degree Laser Sensor LiDAR Scanner for ROS Robot Module short Measuring Sensor 3iLIDAR A0602

US $115.00
0.40 KGS

Product Description

Industrial grade brushless motors for longer life, low loss and low noise.


Product parameters
Range: 0.13m - 8m (white wall)
Sweep frequency: 6.2Hz
Laser power:3mW(max)
Distance coefficient of variance: DCV<0.2%
Voltage: 5V
Laser grade:Class1 3mw/780nm
Starting current:600mA
Baud rate: 115200
Working environment temperature: 0 ° C - 45 ° C
Work environment humidity: <90%
Sampling rate: 4K/s
Laser wavelength: 780nm
Accuracy: <2% 5m
Communication interface: RS232 (3.3V TTL)
Power consumption: 1.5 W
Working current: 300 mA
Levelness 0 ° - 1 °
Work environment illumination<1000Lux

Working mode: 8 bit data, 1 bit stop bits, Check:None.

Baud rate: 115200

Output low level: <0.4

Output high level: 2.9-3.5




Application environment:

1. Robot SLAM positioning and obstacle avoidance

2. fast and accurate surveying and mapping

3. robot ROS development

4. game interaction.


The ideal working environment of the radar is indoor, and indoor illumination (including no light) will not affect radar work. Please avoid using Qiang Guangyuan (such as high-power laser) to directly irradiate radar's optical vision system.

If you need to use it outdoors, avoid the optical vision system of the laser radar directly facing the sun, which may lead to permanent damage to the optical chip of the optical system, so that the distance measurement will be invalidated.

The range of radar will be shortened under the condition of strong sunlight reflection.


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