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ESD Anti static Anti-static Wrist Strap monitor measurement Antistatic Wrist strap tester with display

US $29.00
0.35 KGS

Product Description

I. Introduction:

   Please read the following operating instructions carefully before using this product to test the wrist strap resistance.

Second, the characteristics

  1. Using integrated circuits.

  2. Light and easy to operate.

  3. Low power LCD display.

  4. Digital display.

  5. Automatic shutdown function.

Third, the use of:

  1. Place a 9V dry battery in the battery compartment on the back of the tester.

  2. Insert the grounding wire banana plug into the grounding wire socket at the upper end of the WTS-003 tester.

  3. Tie the wrist strap with an anti-static wrist strap.

  4. Connect the ground wire.

  5. Press the tester by hand. At this time, the green light of the LCD monitor lights up and hears a “drop of one sound”. The corresponding resistance value can be measured on the display.

  6. If the green light "PASS" light is on, it indicates that the grounding system is good.

  7. If the red light “FAiL” light is on, check the grounding wire resistance of the hand strap, because it may affect the human body below 800K. Also check whether the wrist strap is tightly fastened and check the grounding wire resistance of the hand strap to ensure the hand. With the loose tester ground wire.

Fourth, specifications:

    Indication calibration impedance buzzer liquid crystal display

Good (green light) 800kΩ≤R≤9MΩ NO measured resistance

Bad (red light) 9MΩ>R<800kΩ OFF measured resistance

Accuracy: The difference of the lower limit of 800kΩ is set to ±1%, and the difference of the upper limit of 9MΩ is set to ±1%.

* Upper limit value display: 40MΩ.

* Working temperature: 0 ° C to 50 ° C, relative temperature ≤ 70% RH.

* Storage temperature: -10 ° C to 60 ° C, relative temperature ≤ 70% RH.

* External dimensions: 80 (w) * 40 (H) * 117 (D) MM.

* Grounding wire size: 1.5M.

* Power: 9V battery.

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