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DC12V Automatic door sensor 10.525Ghz microwave sensor motion sensor

US $26.00
0.20 KGS

Product Description

 Microwave sensor called microwave radar, the object movement reaction, and reaction speed, suitable for normal walking speed through the site, it is once in a door near the staff do not want to go out and motionless, the radar will no longer response, automatic doors will be closed, there may be clamping the phenomenon of.
Infrared sensor: response to the presence of an object, whether or not the movement of personnel, as long as it is within the scope of the sensor scan, it will respond. The infrared sensor is slower than the microwave sensor.
Parameter introduction
1 mounting height 2.5m below
2 longitudinal detection range of the whole beam of 12°- 20°, the sub beam of 3.5 degrees - 1.5 degrees (section)
3 power consumption less than 3.0VA
4 supply voltage 24VAC
5 ambient temperature -25°c - +55°c, humidity below 95%
6 alarm output capacity DC50V, 0.5A (impedance load)
7 pulse counting 1, 2, 3, 4 pulse adjustable
8 warm-up time of about 40 seconds
9 output duration of 1.5 seconds + + 0.5 seconds
10 sensitivity adjustment by sensitivity knob

technical parameter
Implementation techniques: microwave and microwave processor
Detection principle: Doppler white processor
Transmitting frequency: 10.525GHz
Transmitting power: <20dBm EIRP
Transmit frequency density: <5mW/cm2
Radiation angle: 120°(antenna) vertical angle of 80°
Detection mode: Movement
Minimum detection speed: 5cm/s (along the sensor axis)
Power consumption: static 45mA, dynamic 105mA (when DC12V power supply)
Output: standard relay output
Maximum contact current: 1A
Maximum contact voltage: 38V (DC) /220V (AC)
Maximum switching power: 24W/55VA
Hold time: 1 second
Wire length: 2 5M
Temperature range: -20°cto +55°c
Protection level: IP54
Shell plastic: ABS plastic
Shell color: silver grey
Anti-jamming performance: accord with 89/366/EEC standard
Supply voltage: 12V-36VDC
Dimensions: 116MM (length) *76MM (W) *53MM (high)



Warm prompt: if long-term lack of maintenance, leading to the hidden trouble existing in the moving door and small fault is not handled in time, will be small fault into a big fault, could eventually lead to paralysis of automatic door.

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