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AA dry battery Invisible RFID Electronic Cabinet Locker Door Lock Wardrobe Lock Private 125KHZ EM RFID Drawer Lock

US $28.00
0.20 KGS

Product Description

Functions and Features:
1.Single card unlocking or double card unlocking both available(guest card , service card)
2.With rebound function
3.Low voltage alarm function – if the voltage lower than 2.4V
4.Card in plastic wristband or watchband – waterproof, moisture proof, anti-corrosion.
5.Jimmying resistance function – when unlocking abnormally, the lock will alarm.
6.External power supply for emergency unlocking.
7.Unlocking method: EM card unlocking 
8.EM card unlocking with more than 100,000 times life span.
9.Four level management available – master card, manage card, service card, guest card.
Master Card: Only master card in the same system, issue or cancel service card and guest card.
Manager Card: Open all locks in the system. ( For single card unlocking)
Service Card: Open locks in certain area.
Guest Card: Open one certain room.
10.Technical data:
Working frequency:125KHZ
Operating temperature: -30℃~80℃
Antistatic behavior: >15,000V, information can be saved though in strong static
Static Power Consumption: <5μA
Dynamic Power Consumption: about 200mA
Low voltage alarm:3V(2 AA battery)
Relative humidity: <95%
Note: before leaving the factory, you can use the key to open the battery.
1. Card category:
1) the card is divided into three types: management card and customer card (only 2 keys are delivered)
2) the management card is used to add the server card and guest card, and the management card can be unlocked in any mode.
3) the server card is used to open the lock with the guest card in double card mode.
2.Setting function:
1) initialization: press the switch button on the PCB board for about 3 seconds, and the buzzer will ring for a long time. The default mode is single open mode.
2) when the door lock is empty, the management card can be set directly, only 3 sets can be set.
3) change the operating mode.Press the button to switch operation mode at a time, the buzzer will be short and a single card mode, and the two will represent the double card mode.
4) after reading the management card, the door is locked and the buzzer is kept short. During this period, the attendant card and guest card can be added, the first card to be added is the attendant card, and the other card is the guest card.If you add success, make a noise;If the card that is added already exists, there are two sounds, and the storage area is full.
5) during the non-setting period, any invalid card shall be touched.
3. Unlock function:
1) single open mode: the door lock will be closed after 4 seconds.
2) double open mode: touch the waiter's card (or guest card), the buzzer will continue to ring for a short time, touch the guest card (or the waiter's card) in 4 seconds, the door lock will open, and the door will be closed automatically after 4 seconds.
3) in dual mode, only the guest card + waiter card (no order) to lock control, touch the card the maximum time interval is 4 seconds, if 4 seconds did not touch the second card, return to idle.
4. Clearance function:
1) after reading the management card for 3 times, wait for 5 seconds, and remove all the attendant CARDS and guest CARDS.
2) continuous reading management card can delete all management CARDS 5 times.
3) press and hold the switch button on the PCB board for more than 3 seconds, the buzzer will ring a long time, the door lock will be initialized, and all the card information will be cleared.
5. Low voltage indication:
After the contact card, if there is a long after the lock, indicating that the battery voltage is not enough, the lock can be used about 50 times, please replace the battery in time.

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